I've maintained - to varying degrees of maintenance - a website at this domain for a long time.

For now, this is a placeholder where I carve out my own DNS records to say I am here and point to other places I am also recorded on, voluntarily and involuntarily. Like a linktree, but without the porn or shein sales pitches or volatility.

You can email me using dave at this domain. I'd rather my email address not be easily extractable and sullied in the first place than to have to mop up more spam post hoc - at least until OpenAI hoovers up my records and makes them unremovable, vectorised forever into an unentangleable morass of questionably extracted human typing. This is why it is not explicitly provided here, as a sign of respect for the memory of the mailto: scheme, sadly taken from us too soon by online fraudsters.

Fascinating as it is to have Google generate sankey diagrams of visitor attention, I dont welcome their extraction of user activity and behavioural data at my expense to benefit their range of commercial offerings. I find the scale and extent - not to mention the brazenness and overreach - of network telemetry and surveillance odious and unwelcome, and refuse to participate in it. I do gather standard Apache-style logs of page views, and when I do anything more interesting with them than simply delete them, I will ensure it is done so publicly and transparently.

There's no cookies issued by this server - or code running from it - unless explicitly stated. External links, you're on your own.